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:BRUT Vukovar is held in the city of Vukovar, the meeting place of Syrmia and Slavonia. Along the banks of the Danube, the slopes of Vukovar's wooden plateau have many winding roads, forest passages and steep ascents. Cycling enthusiasts know this well, especially in spring and early autumn, who come to Vukovar to enjoy their favorite activity. And not only because of cycling, but also because of the beautiful gentle nature for which Vukovar and its surroundings are widely known.

Sve što jedna offroad utrka treba sadržavati. ????????‍♂️????‍♀️

:BRUT Vukovar is a circuit race that starts and finishes on wine-growing estate
, passes through picturesque vineyards and fields, along the mighty Danube, through the Archaeological
The location of Vučedol and (literally!) through the Vučedol Culture Museum and next to the memorial
Memorial areas of Ovčara and Memorial Cemetery of victims of the Homeland War. Like this
the diverse route leaves competitors breathless. Clay and grassy terrain, sharp and shorter
ascents and descents alternate in a circle with a total length of 25km. The race itself will take place in two
length – 25km and 50km. Good road infrastructure and diverse terrain that allows
collection and altitude differences are the basis of numerous: BRUTalno good trails and routes that cover
road, mountain and gravel cycling in this part of Vukovar.

Distance from Vukovar from major places and border crossings:

  • Split 20 km
  • Split 35 km
  • Erdut 30 km (SRB border crossing)
  • Ilok 40 km (SRB border crossing)
  • Županja 50 km (border crossing of BiH)
  • Novi Sad 80 km

Accommodation facilities:

information about accommodation capacities can be found on the website Tourist boards
city of Vukovar
and Vukovar-Srijem County

Other important contact information:

Health Center Vukovar, Ul. Tel: +385 (0)31 313 391
Vukovar Police Station, Ul. Tel: +385 (0)32 342 132
Vukovar Tourist Board, Ul. 2018 BookingSuite