:BRUT Beli Manastir

📅 June 17, 2023
🧭 Beli Manastir

:BRUT Beli Manastir is a cycling race that is ridden on unpaved roads, surduces, forests and fields of Baranja in the length of 25 or 50 kilometers.

:BRUT Beli Manastir can be ridden on all types of MTB, cyclocross, gravel and trekking bikes, and the only condition is that the bike is technically correct. The configuration of the route does not favor any type of bike – somewhere you can go faster, somewhere slower, and in some places you may even push the bike. 

🧭 NEW GPX race route records :BRUT Beli Manastir 25 and 50 updated 16.06.2023. | v3.0

:Brutus 50
🚴 53km 🔺1.000m ⏱️2:07h @ 25km/h | 3:07h @ 17km/h | 4:04h @ 13km/h

:BRUT 50 2023 map
:BRUT 50 2023 v1 elevation profile
:BRUT 50 2023 elevation profile

:Brutus 25
🚴 25km 🔺470m ⏱️1:00h @ 25km/h | 1:28h @ 17km/h | 1:58h @ 13km/h

:BRUT 25 2023 map
:BRUT 25 2023 v1 elevation profile
:BRUT 25 2023 elevation profile

The surface on which :BRUT Beli Manastir is driven is mostly dirt road, and a smaller part can be paved or strewn with gravel of medium granulation. Depending on weather conditions, the substrate may be softer or harder, and in case of rain, muddy.

:BRUT Beli Manastir will take you through the famous Baranja surduci (surduk is a cut path in the slope of the mountain), plains, fields and vineyards.