:BRUT Vukovar

???? 2. rujna 2023. godine
???? Vukovar

:BRUT Vukovar is a cycling race that is run on the bank of the Danube, unpaved roads, forests and fields of Syrmia in the length of 25 or 50 kilometers.

The race :BRUT Vukovar takes place in the vučedol area, which includes the Vučedol Museum, Salaš Goldscmidt, the Ovcara Memorial Area and the wider surroundings of the city of Vukovar. The attractive track allows cyclists all the experiences that an offroad race should contain. Clay and grassy terrain, sharp and shorter ascents and descents alternate in a dynamic circle.

Driving through the vineyards in the Vučedol area, and along the Danube, will leave the competitors breathless both because of the beautiful and rich landscape and the complexity of the trail.

The start and finish of the race is located at the Goldscmidt Salaš, which, in addition to its gastronomic offer, offers good entertainment with plenty of traditional products of the Slavonian-Srijem region.