:BRUT 2022

:BRUT Vukovar 🍇🚴 ♂️🌳 3.9.2022.

We invite you to sign up for ⭕ :BRUT Vukovar – an exciting sequel :BRUT story in eastern Croatia. On routes of 25 and 50 km, we will drive through the vučedol site, along the banks of the Danube, through vineyards and field roads. Winding paths, short climbs and dynamic descents and passages through beautiful Syrmian vineyards are just some of the unique features of BRUT Vukovar.

and All competitors who participated in the :BRUT in Beli Manastir, and applications for :BRUT Vukovar, will be assigned the same starting number. 😎👍

📄 The list of registered contestants can be viewed here. ⬅

🧭 GPX race map :BRUT Vukovar 2022 can be downloaded here.

:BRUT 2022 | The struggle for placement through the vineyards of Belje. 🚴🚴‍♂️☀️🍇

You can see the results of :BRUT in Beli Manastir in the link. ⬇

:BRUT 2022 OFFICIAL RESULTS 18 June 2022 ⭕