:BRUT 2023 | Beli Manastir and Vukovar

?️ ?‍♂️ ?:BRUT Beli Manastir 2023 ?

BRUT continues in 2023! We invite you to sign up for the exciting sequel :BRUT story in the east of Croatia. We drove in Beli Manastir on June 17, and we continue in Vukovar on September 2.

We adapted the routes of 25 and 53 km to the curious (25km – difficult, challenging, but manageable) and optimists (53km – hardcore, sweat and tears). Something for everyone!

:BRUT Beli Manastir results ?

In Beli Manastir , the race returned to the BRUTal ne ramps of Banovo brdo, which we raced all the way to Draž (the top of Trojnaš) and back. Dusty trails, forest paths, steep ascents and grain fields tested endurance and will in 2023. To the general "delight" of all competitors climb at Cat ? was again part of the route. ??

:BRUT Vukovar applications:

In Vukovar , the race will pass through the vučedol locality, along the bank of the Danube, through field roads, winding tracks with short ascents and dynamic single-track and inevitable passages through the beautiful ? Syrmian vineyards.

Until June 30, "early bird" applications for 30 EUR. ?
From July 1 to August 15, applications for EUR 35.
From August 16 to September 2, applications for 40 EUR.

? The start package includes:

  • :BRUT cloth bag
  • trail plan with altitude profile and calculation of passing times
  • bib number with fastening laces
  • measuring time via 'chip' and tracking passing times of competitors in
    real time – Racebase®PRO
  • :BRUT bottle 550ml
  • 'finisher' medal for every competitor who finishes the race
  • sponsor gift package
  • beverages, fruits and energy bars at checkpoints
  • emergency medical service provided during the race
  • voucher for a meal after the race
  • Tickets to the pool?♀️?‍♂️?